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Today we wrap up our quick two-part series on healthy food hacks with hacks 5-7! We know its hard to stick to a diet of healthy food and just like many other aspects in life, there’s no reason we can’t find some hacks to make healthy food easier as well! Take a look at these three tips and, combined with Tuesday’s tips  you should have a great head start toward your healthy food goals!
Healthy Food Hack #5: Coconut Oil
Replace the vegetable oil in your kitchen with coconut oil, and enjoy benefits such as increased fat burning and reduced appetite. In addition, you’ll be avoiding the pitfalls of other, less healthy oils and fats. Coconut oil can be used in virtually any recipe – both stove top and baking.
Healthy Food Hack #6: Wholesome Sweeteners
Throw the refined sugar out of your kitchen and replace it with any one of these wholesome sweeteners: coconut sugar, raw honey, pure maple syrup, or pitted dates. By getting your sweet fix from these wholesome, real food sweeteners you’ll be taking in fewer calories and there will be less of an impact on your blood sugar, which will result in less fat stored.
Healthy Food Hack #7: Water
Replace high calorie beverages with crystal clear water. This simple hack could quite possibly change your life. If high calories, sugar-laden beverages make up a significant part of your daily calories then switching to water will swiftly induce fat loss.
Start using these Healthy Hacks today and enjoy a leaner physique quicker than you could imagine! While you’re watching the inches melt away, check out our member testimonials online at, like us on facebook at, or better yet, come to the studio and sit down with us to talk about the next steps in your goal toward a healthy diet and overall healthy lifestyle!