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Nutrition & fitness go hand in hand. Here’s a perfect example of how.
The correct answer to the following question will shock you.
Would you survive longer on a diet of just water OR on a diet of water and refined sugar?
The answer: You would survive longer on just water.
How can sugar be worse than nothing? Plainly put, refined sugar is an anti-nutrient and detrimental to both your nutrition & fitness.
It starts out as sugar cane, and then goes through an extensive refining process that destroys all of the enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals. What you’re left with are empty calories.
The problem is that your body needs the enzymes, fiber, vitamins and minerals that were taken out in the refining process in order to metabolize sugar and use it as energy. So it takes those nutrients from your own body.
So while you are enjoying that chocolate bar, sugar is draining vital nutrients from your body. Like a sweet parasite.
And it doesn’t end there…

  • Sugar creates false hunger which makes you overeat. This means a constant struggle with your weight in which you never seem to achieve your ideal size.
  • Sugar promotes aging.
  • Sugar weakens your bones – making you vulnerable for osteoporosis, and weakens your teeth – making you vulnerable for cavities
  • Sugar in excess is stored as fat
  • Sugar can impair brain functioning

If you’re still not convinced of the danger of sugar here are more ailments linked to its overconsumption: varicose veins, constipation, hormonal imbalances, ADD and ADHD, increased emotional instability, depressed immune system, increased risk of cancer and degenerative diseases.
The average modern person consumes 46 teaspoons of sugar every day. That comes out to roughly 175 pounds of sugar each year.
Go through the foods in your home and you’ll see that sugar has been added to everything from ketchup and spaghetti sauce to crackers, oatmeal, peanut butter and even ‘healthy’ items like weight loss bars.
Where does this leave you?
Your personal judgment determines the foods that you eat and the foods that you avoid. It is our hope at Fit Fx that you approach sugar with new eyes for the benefit of your own nutrition & fitness.
While all other foods offer you caloric energy PLUS some nutritional benefit, sugar doesn’t. Sugar is simply caloric energy with a sweet habit forming taste, and a hoard of health risks.
Use your judgment wisely and limit your sugar consumption!
If you think this sounds like a major change or just needs some help along the way, come talk to us at Fit Fx and we can provide you with customized meal plans as part of your membership! Visit us online at, like us on facebook at, or better yet come down to the studio to check out a class and sit down for an overall assessment of your nutrition and fitness goals!