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At Fit Fx we encourage you to live a healthy, active lifestyle all the time, not just when you’re in class! One great idea is to sign up for a 5K race!
A 5K race is 3.1 miles, the perfect distance for beginning runners. It’s a realistic, attainable goal that’s fun and satisfying to achieve.
Here are 5 rewards you will reap:
1) Tone Your Legs: Runners have awesome legs. Muscular, toned and tan. Training for a 5K will get you on pace for your own set of lean limbs.
2) Support A Cause
By participating in a 5K you get in shape while supporting a cause. Most 5K races are put on by charities or non-profit organizations. Many times you have the opportunity to raise funds and community awareness through your involvement.
3) Flatten Your Abs 
Running burns a massive amount of calories. This means you’ll find your body quickly morphing into that of a lean athlete. Don’t over-compensate the extra calories burned by eating too many carbs. Manage your portions to reap the most belly shrinking benefits.
While running is an amazing way to transform your body, running alone won’t deliver complete results. Resistance training is an equally important part of the equation.
4) Make New Friends 
Athletic endeavors are a relaxed way to make new friends and form connections within your community.
5) Start A Habit
The satisfaction of accomplishing your goal, along with the exciting changes in your body, will likely lead you to another race. It’s not farfetched that you’ll build your training up to run a marathon.
Running is great, but resistance training is essential for achieving outstanding results. The best way to get into amazing shape is with a challenging and dynamic exercise routine.
Even if you aren’t quite ready for that first race, we’ll help get  you there at Fit Fx! Check us out on facebook at or on our website at Fit, or better yet, come by and see us today at the studio to get on the path to your first 5K!