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Breakfast items and snacks seem to be two of the biggest hindrances to maintaining a healthy diet. When it comes to breakfast, we are often on the go and looking for something quick and easy. Snacks are often driven by boredom or a nagging need to tide us over. Below we outline a few breakfast items to make sure and steer clear of along with a few healthier alternatives for snacks when you get those midday cravings! It’s not just about physical fitness but also about health fitness as well!
Don’t get caught eating one of these 4 things for breakfast:

  1. Breakfast pastry: muffins, doughnuts, bear claws and croissants sure taste good with coffee, but all those refined carbs are going to cause unwanted weight gain.
  2. Granola Bars: watch out for the breakfast bars that claim to give you fiber, vitamins and minerals. Check the number of carbs and sugars on the back of the label – most contain the same sugar as a pastry.
  3. Cereal: here’s another popular breakfast item that has tons of sugar lurking beneath its surface. Only eat cereal that has no added sugar and that contains some protein and healthy fat.
  4. Drive Thru Breakfast Sandwich: don’t even think about heading to the drive thru for a quick breakfast sandwich.

Instead, go for one of these healthy treats that can double as both a breakfast item and a snack on the go:

  1. Hard Boiled Egg and Sliced Veggies.
  2. Sliced Apple and Almond Butter.
  3. Natural, Low Sodium Jerky.
  4. Seasonal Berries with 1/4 cup of Almonds.
  5. A Bag of Homemade Kale Chips. See recipe below.

Remember, it’s not just about the physical elements of the gym, its also about health fitness and the lifestyle we lead outside of the gym as well! For more quick and easy diet, health, and fitness tips, follow this blog at, follow us on Facebook at, or better yet, stop in and take a class and sit down with us face to face to discuss your personal fitness goals and let us help you achieve them!