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It’s time for the fourth and final installment of a four-part series on myths and tips to getting that flat tummy we all desire! Taking these tips and workouts seriously and committing to them will undoubtedly yield the results you want!
This post picks up where the last one left off with more workouts and dietary tips to shed that extra weight and carve those abs! So, without further delay, here are tips 9-12:
Nine: Climb Mountains! Well, not literally, but mountain climbers are one of the best core workouts that will spike your cardio levels like you wouldn’t believe! Toss these into your workout routine and watch the inches melt away!
Ten: Take a Break from Grains. Grains are without a doubt a nice nutritional supplement to your diet. Unfortunately, they don’t do your abs any favors. Grains encourage fat storage in the body and it won’t be an issue to part ways with them for a bit while we uncover those abs.
Eleven: Sprint! Short, intense bursts of cardio are an awesome way to drive our heart rate up and kick the fat off our midsection! Start with what you can handle and make your way up to high intensity sprints where you push your limits!
If you really want to maximize the effectiveness of your overall workouts, then do your sprints between sets. This will really add an excellent metabolic element to your routine and get that metabolism working in high gear!
Twelve: Join Fit Fx! Health and fitness is a big responsibility and having a group of fun, educated trainers to maximize your results in the least amount of time possible is an awesome way to get your body bathing suit ready in no time. Getting the most out of the time we have to work with is exactly what our professional staff is trained to do!
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