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It’s time for the third installment of Fit Fx’s four-part series on myths and tips to getting that flat tummy we all desire! In our first blog post, we presented the top myths associated with tightening up that midsection, before diving into workout routines and health tips that really get the job done with our second post.
This post, along with the fourth and final next week, picks up where the last one left off with more workout routines and dietary tips to shed that extra weight and show off those abs! So, without further delay, here are tips 5-8:
Five: Say Goodbye to Love Handles! One of the hardest areas for us to shape are those pesky areas on our waists, officially known as our oblique muscles, but affectionately known as love handles. One of the primary reasons for this is because we are neglecting those areas with plain old sit ups and crunches. Fear not, a simple modification is all we need, such as the v-crunch, which is an excellent way to target those problem areas!
Six: Bring on the Lean Protein! Shredding those abs doesn’t mean we can’t eat! Part of having that awesome six-pack is having muscles to show off down there, which can be accomplished through eating healthy, lean protein such as ground turkey, chicken breast, grilled fish and egg whites.
Seven: Hanging around! We’ve already addressed those pesky love handles, so now let’s talk about that nagging lower abdominal region. Much like the oblique muscles, the lower abs will become an afterthought if we only do standard crunches and sit-ups. So, we need to target that area! Hanging leg lifts and ab crunches are amazingly effective ways to address those lower abs.
Eight: Sugar, You’re Going Down! America is addicted to sugar! If we could all just cut down on our sugar intake, not only would we be a much healthier country, but we would be a much fitter country! Even if we build strong abdominal muscles, sugar alone can put a fluffy blanket right over the top of them and throw those efforts to waste!
Part four: Coming 06/06