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Last week we started a four-part series on myths and tips to getting that flat tummy we all desire! In our first installment, we presented the top myths associated with tightening up that midsection. Today we dive into tips, tricks, and workouts that really get the job done!
Over the final three parts of this series, we will present workouts and health tips to get you on the fast track to that stomach you’ve been wanting! So, without further delay, here are out first four tips:
One: Burpees! Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite exercise is truly an ab carver! Tossing burpees into any workout can help melt off even more calories and really tighten up that core! Our abs are fast healing muscles, so don’t be afraid to mix in the burpees with every workout.
Two: Kick the Salt! Sure, salt can make a meal a little tastier, but you know what else it can do? Sodium causes water retention in our bodies, which leaves us looking a bit softer than we would like, hiding all that hard work we put into sculpting our bodies! Don’t let your hard work go to waste with something that can easily be fixed in your diet. If we put just a little more attention to detail into what we’re eating, the results will go a long ways!
Three: Make Friends with a Medicine Ball! In case you haven’t been introduced, welcome to the world of resistance training! When we use an external resistance to contract our muscles, we’re on the fast track to strength, tone, and endurance! When it comes to our abs, the medicine ball is an excellent source of resistance!
Four: Pack in the Fiber! We’ve all heard that fiber is an important part of our diet for a healthy heart, but did you know it can help show off those abs as well? Fiber is chock full of nutrition, but low on calories, meaning we take care of those cravings with less, yet sufficiently healthy, food, which leads to weight loss!
Part three: Coming 06/02