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This is the first of a four-part series on getting a flat tummy and making sure your abs are at their very best this summer and beyond!
Most people aren’t thrilled about of the idea of showing off their midsection because of a little extra baggage we tend to carry around. Not to worry, Fit Fx is here to help! In addition to the video we posted on Facebook about the simple science behind weight management, here are five myths associated with getting a flat tummy:
Myth #1: Do extra crunches to flatten your abs
Excessive crunches aren’t the answer for a flat tummy. In order to achieve a toned look you’ll have to focus on burning off the layer of fat that is covering up your abs.
Myth #2: Take diet pills to speed results
I know it’s so tempting! The ads make compelling claims about the power of popping a pill, but don’t fall for it. There is no ‘magic pill’. Diet pills are more likely to burn through your pocketbook than to slim you down.
Myth #3: Turn to gimmick diets to boost results
Don’t fall for the foods that are sold as ‘diet’ or ‘weight loss’ aids. These products are typically packed with refined sugar and other artificial ingredients that your body doesn’t need, and certainly won’t help you attain that flat tummy.
Myth #4: Avoid all carbs in order to achieve tight abs
Carbohydrates have been given a bad rap, which is unfortunate because you can (and should) eat carbs while slimming down. The key is to stick with whole grains, oatmeal and brown rice while avoiding processed and refined flours and sugars.
Myth #5: Starve the fat away 
Trying to lose weight by starving yourself is not only ineffective it can also be dangerous. It may seem that severe calorie restriction would deliver the quickest weight loss, but your body is complex and by doing so you’ll disrupt your metabolism and slow your results.
Our next three blog posts will focus on health and exercise tips that can maximize your results and get your tummy flat and looking good in a faster, healthier way!
Part 2: Coming 5/31!