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You might have heard that staying healthy is just as much mental as it is physical. Believe it or not, it might even be more mental! Convincing yourself to even begin a healthy regiment is tough enough, but sticking with it both in and out of the gym is another story.
Don’t worry, it’s not just you, this is the battle we all face when trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle!
First, motivation has to start with desire. We checked that off of our list when we made the monumental decision to better our lives by getting healthy and fit! So now we just need that motivation to keep us on track.
So, the big question is: how do we stay motivated? Here are four tips from Fit Fx to help keep you motivated and keep your eye on the prize!
1.) Know exactly what motivates you!
If you are driving around in your car without a destination, you won’t ever get anywhere! The same thing applies to our health and fitness. We need to have a goal in mind that we are working towards!
When coming up with a specific goal, make sure you know the reasons why you want that goal. The more we know about our goals, the more we want them and the more motivated we are to achieve them!
Here are just a few examples of common motivators for people:

  • A healthier lifestyle to keep up with my kids or grandkids
  • Losing weight for an upcoming trip
  • Regaining the fitness you once had (yes, you really can turn back the clock!)
  • Improve overall self-confidence by looking and feeling better

2.) Put it in writing
This rings true for virtually anything in life. When we put a plan in writing, we’ve made it official! Once you’ve got your goal in writing, put it somewhere you will see it on a regular basis. Don’t let yourself forget what you’re working towards! When you remind yourself daily what your motivation is, it becomes harder and harder to ignore it.
3.) Make a realistic game plan
Notice that it doesn’t say “realistic goals.” This is because you should choose any goal you want! If you want washboard abs, make that your goal and with the right motivation you will have them! What does need to be realistic is your plan for achieving your goals. Be realistic in your game planning and what it is going to take to achieve your desired results. Some goals take longer, but all goals are achievable!
Keep things in mind like your responsibilities outside of the gym and make sure you make a plan that fits your schedule. The more realistic our plan is for us to keep, the more realistic are goals are of achieving!
4.) Don’t go it alone!
Make your friends, family, and coworkers aware of your goals! Those closest to us will serve as some of our best supporters! You might even get a few of them to join you and share in those goals! We are social creatures and pursuing goals with others is a very powerful motivator, which is exactly why we call ourselves TEAM Fit Fx! In addition to your support group, we will be here with you every step of the way as well!
Remember, the first step in this process is the desire. Let us help you turn that desire into realized goals here at Fit Fx! Check us out at or like us on Facebook for more newsletters, health tips, and nutritional tips at Or, better  yet, come by and join us for a class!