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Why do we exercise? Is it to train for an event? Maybe. Is it to hit certain fitness goals? Possibly. How about to improve our overall health in life and helping our bodies to stay strong and healthy for as long as possible? Absolutely!
At Fit Fx we focus on improving your everyday wellness and making sure you are in the best possible position to succeed in life from a health standpoint. If you happen to be trying to reach other goals along the way, we’ll take you there as well!
Here are 6 reasons why you should never feel that the gym isn’t for you:
1.) It Keeps Us Looking Good! The more we take care of our cars, the longer they will keep running and keep running well. The same goes for our bodies! The better we treat not only our muscles but also our cardiovascular system, the better we will operate! Working out helps shape our muscles, improve our everyday functional movements, and even has benefits for our skin!
2.) Better Sleep. It’s no secret that sleep is a major component of a healthy lifestyle. We feel better when we are rested and we can do things more effectively and efficiently. Working out helps us to be more functional during the day, but leaves our muscles needing rest at night to recover, meaning we sleep nice and soundly!
3.) Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Exercise is a natural anti-depressant and has even been shown to be as effective as some medications at reducing depression. We all have stresses in life, so let’s put them on the back-
burner at the gym!
4.) Those Pesky Aches and Pains. Joints are bound to get some wear and tear after years of use. Building up the muscles around those joints help better support them will help reduce and in some cases can even help eliminate those pains! If it’s something persistent, a trip to the doctor might be in order, but in many cases a trip to the gym is going to be just what the doctor ordered!
5.) Keep Your Head in the Game! Physical exercise has been linked time and time again to increased brain activity, better memory, and even as a preventative measure for dementia. Stay on top of all aspects of your life by keeping mentally fit at the gym as well!
6.) Self Esteem! Who wouldn’t feel good about being healthy, being fit, and being full of energy? Making the decision to get in the gym is the first building block to a sky high self esteem! Sticking with a regular routine will only get you there faster and more effectively!
Don’t fool yourself into thinking that exercise isn’t for you. Exercise is for everyone! Be a part of Fit Fx and let us help guide you through the journey and get you on the best path to a healthy and happy life! Check us out at or like us on Facebook for more newsletters, health tips, and nutritional tips at